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Bakery China May 9-12


We are proud to announce that we,Tanis Food Tec, will join BakeryTechChina. BakeryTechChina is a consortium of Dutch companies active in the industrial bakery sector. In China, they focus on improving the industrial bakery production, safety and quality levels throughout the entire value chain by sharing Dutch expertise. With a total bakery system integrator and aeration & crystallization specialist strengthening the team, BakeryTechChina is now also able to provide these solutions as an add-on to the existing product offering* to the Chinese Industrial Bakery market.

Frank van Riel together with local TFT representatives Bing, Hockson and Isaac from Shanghai Dalton will be available to answer all your questions. 



Peter Bienefelt

The Dutch Consortium is closely supported by Peter Bienefelt, Dutchman and World Master Baker of 2018. Peter will showcase his capabilities on the China Bakery fair 2018 by demonstrations on Thursday (May 10th) and Friday (May 11th). Peter Bienefelt won the title World Master Baker in February 2018 as the third baker of the world in the prestigious Masters de la Boulangerie competition.
With remarkable concepts and courage,  he managed to convince the jury of the special bread from the Netherlands. "The title Master Boulanger is the highest appreciation of the bakery trade and not only shows world class in the field, but also of vision and the implementation of innovation."



中国烘焙展5月9 -12日


中国烘焙展5月9 -12日 我们非常高兴地告诉您,Tanis Food Tec公司成为荷兰烘焙联盟成员之一。 荷兰烘焙联盟由一批来自荷兰的企业组成,活跃于工业烘焙领域。在中国我们致力于分享荷兰的烘焙技术,从而提高您的工业烘焙生产水平、提升产品安全与品质。 随着TFT的加入,
我们为联盟带来了完整的专业充气&结晶工艺解决方案。今后,荷兰烘焙联盟也可以为此类产品提供专业的解决方案。 Frank van Riel先生与TFT中国代理商上海道通机电朱冰、张羽峰、吴晨臻将非常高兴与您交流沟通。 中国烘焙展-上海- 2018年 5月9-12日 非常感谢您在展会期间莅临 W4 A88展位!


荷兰烘培联盟得到了荷兰籍2018世界面包大师彼特比内菲尔特(Peter Bienefelt)的鼎力支持。彼得将于中国国际焙烤展览会上(5月10日和11日)展示他在烘培方面的天才。
Peter Bienefelt于2018年2月荣获世界面包师大师称号,赢得着名的Masters de la Boulangerie大赛第三名。 凭借他出色的概念和勇气,他让评委会相信和结识了荷兰面包的特别之处。



We are looking forward to welcoming you at our booth W4 A88 
非常感谢您在展会期间莅临 W4 A88展位!


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