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Icing makes everything look nicer: cakes, muffins, doughnuts, cream slices, and so on. It is a highly versatile decoration that adds visual interest and colour, as well as extra taste and sweetness to a product. High volume production of icing makes it economically feasible to switch from buying readymade product to producing it yourself from separate ingredients. The extra benefits are greater flexibility to change product and to be able to quickly respond to promotions. And of course creating your own unique icing! TFT manufactures complete lines, from mixing to in-line colouring and flavouring of the basic product. The lines are engineered to reduce switch-over times and product waste.

automated ingredient weigher

Automated ingredient weigher

When starting from scratch ingredients the choice always has to be made to manually fill the batch mixer or to go for an automated batch feeding system. A combined system is also a realistic alternative: fully automated for majors like sugar, flour, oil etc. and manually for the minors like coloring, flavoring or emulsifiers. Both methods can be fully integrated in the TFT- software. TFT can supply dosing systems, mixers on load cell’s, conveyor screws for various products and off course the related software and communication portals with related systems.

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Pre mixing

Nearly every production process starts with mixing ingredients. TFT offers you two basic pre-mixing principles. The RotoBatter is preferred for recipes without solid ingredients. The RotoCutter is the best choice when using for example fat blocks. The RotoBatter comes executed with a vertical shaft mixer with knife-shaped mixing arms. The RotoCutter has a vertical multi-blade cutter with cutting knives. A counter-rotating anchor-shaped agitator is constantly scraping the walls of the tank. TFT will analyze your production process and custom-built the pre-mixer accordingly: capacity, cleanability, connections for ingredients, valves and so on are individually designed for your process.

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pre mixers

Cleaning in Place

Cleaning of your production line must be very adequate yet easy. Protection of your product quality is priority. Cleaning-in-place (CIP) offers the solution. TFT provides two possibilities: either an integrated CIP-pump in the tempering/ aeration system, or a single, central machine to auto-clean several process lines. We have taken great care of the design of all cleaning equipment. Materials and surface finish are to FDA standards, guaranteeing no residual is left behind. The integrated CIP-pump in our tempering and aeration systems creates a high velocity and turbulence in the pipe work and equipment. When you have a number of machines that need to be cleaned, a central, multi-functional CIP system is interesting. Our CIP system prepares the cleaning liquid in advance and auto-cleans the various process lines. Executed with PLC and HMI touch screens and equipped with an automatic self-cleaning cycle so the CIP unit cleans itself when necessary.

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