Good fruit trend!

Think of light and crispy wafers that have a filling of real fruit. Replacing the traditional cream filling by a real fruit filling makes them low in fat. This is bang on the trend for healthier, more nutritional foods. The regular tastes would be strawberry and raspberry, but citrus or a locally appreciated taste like passion fruit work brilliantly too. Whatever the trend, we help you translate it into a process line to create your brand product. From weighing and dosing the (ready bought) filling to the various types of depositing like spot depositing or sheeting. According to the requirements of your type and size of wafer.

automated ingredient weigher

Automated ingredient weigher

When starting from scratch ingredients the choice always has to be made to manually fill the batch mixer or to go for an automated batch feeding system. A combined system is also a realistic alternative: fully automated for majors like sugar, flour, oil etc. and manually for the minors like coloring, flavoring or emulsifiers. Both methods can be fully integrated in the TFT- software. TFT can supply dosing systems, mixers on load cell’s, conveyor screws for various products and off course the related software and communication portals with related systems.

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Pre mixing

Nearly every production process starts with mixing ingredients. TFT offers you two basic pre-mixing principles. The RotoBatter is preferred for recipes without solid ingredients. The RotoCutter is the best choice when using for example fat blocks. The RotoBatter comes executed with a vertical shaft mixer with knife-shaped mixing arms. The RotoCutter has a vertical multi-blade cutter with cutting knives. A counter-rotating anchor-shaped agitator is constantly scraping the walls of the tank. TFT will analyze your production process and custom-built the pre-mixer accordingly: capacity, cleanability, connections for ingredients, valves and so on are individually designed for your process.

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pre mixers

Buffer tank

Often underestimated in a process line, but of the utmost importance for an efficient operation of a process line : the buffer tank or holding vessel. Single walled or jacketed, insulated or non insulated, agitated or not, discharge for high or low viscosities , CIP-able or manual cleaning. All the questions has to be answered for the optimal tank selection for each job. If not answered well, a lot of problems can follow you for the life cycle of your process line.

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Manufacturing marshmallow, jam or other products calls for a cooking system to produce the base syrup. The working principle of the Cooking kitchen is actually evaporation of the water content to increase the percentage of solids (°Brix). For most syrups water, glucose, sugar and in certain cases a hydrocolloid are mixed. Then steam is used to heat the cooker and cook the syrup, thus partially evaporating the water. The level of evaporation depends on the type of candy being made. For some syrups a batch-type cooker with a stirring system is needed; other syrups need a thermosyphon system that generates natural product agitation. Which type and size of cooker you need for your specific product will be advised by a TFT specialist for each process individually. For complete solutions for jelly & gums, and candy bars, there is a close cooperation with Tanis Confectionery.

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ingredient blender

In line blender for liquids

In the entire food industry we recognize a trend to produce neutral product (base or mother product without coloring or flavoring) and give the final product its own identity as close to depositing point (production line) as possible. This method reduces waste and abbreviate change-over times. For in-line mixing TFT manufactures a wide range of equipment: from high accuracy pumping units up to inline mixers, both dynamic and static.

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CFA injection

Bakery products like sandwich biscuits and tartlets make use of pectin based jellies. The jellifying process of the pectin starts by adapting the pH level to the correct value by injecting the right dose of acid. Temperature is a critical factor too, especially in relation to the pH level, and requires being stabile within a narrow bandwidth. TFT’s RotoJelly platform integrates these functions and is specially developed for guaranteed performance. The integrated software controls the tempering, the acid injection and the pH level. This intelligent control system is recipe based and has the ability to communicate with (third party) equipment like cookers and depositing systems.

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inline blending/mixing systems

Extruders, sheeters and manifolds

After the marshmallow, batter, cream or caramel has been produced in the TFT kitchen it usually needs a extrusions or depositing step to make the final product. For marshmallow it usually is extruded through a (rotating) manifold, for cream it can be manifold extruded onto for example a sponge sheet. For batter a roller depositor is applied to sheet a layer of batter directly onto the tunnel oven belt. For every application TFT is able to provide a specific solution.

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mini mallow

Cleaning in Place

Cleaning of your production line must be very adequate yet easy. Protection of your product quality is priority. Cleaning-in-place (CIP) offers the solution. TFT provides two possibilities: either an integrated CIP-pump in the tempering/ aeration system, or a single, central machine to auto-clean several process lines. We have taken great care of the design of all cleaning equipment. Materials and surface finish are to FDA standards, guaranteeing no residual is left behind. The integrated CIP-pump in our tempering and aeration systems creates a high velocity and turbulence in the pipe work and equipment. When you have a number of machines that need to be cleaned, a central, multi-functional CIP system is interesting. Our CIP system prepares the cleaning liquid in advance and auto-cleans the various process lines. Executed with PLC and HMI touch screens and equipped with an automatic self-cleaning cycle so the CIP unit cleans itself when necessary.

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