Creating the best customized solutions for your product

Our Innovation Lab is equipped for you to develop and test new recipes as well as different types of equipment. Assisting you are our food technologists and engineers to share their process knowledge and practical experience with product development with you. They work closely with clients globally on a daily basis, giving you a solid sparring partner to help you innovate and try out future products for your home market. A lot of the innovation in the food processing equipment segment comes down to refining and simplifying. Over the years Tanis Food Tec has been one of the leading companies in fine tuning, resulting in expert process solutions for mixing, tempering, aeration, crystallizing and depositing.

In house knowledge

Our TFT team has a wealth of knowledge and experience available. We have managed, started-up and commissioned many bakeries and factories around the world. The right research and development, technical skills and product - and process development and know how make us experts in our business.

Our customers are also welcome to visit our our innovation lab for testing, study and training. To make the start-up, commissioning and construction of the plant that you have ordered as quickly and efficiently as possible, we can run tests with your supervisors and operators at the innovation lab of Tanis Food Tec.


We very much support our clients with product development by executing product trials on new product ideas together in our test facility at our head quarters in Lelystad, the Netherlands. If you have ideas about a new combination of ingredients for example. Then it is up to your engineers and ours to put it into practice and achieve the best result. Sometimes this requires a bit of work on the recipe, other times a real fine tuning or even made-to-measure adaptation of the equipment, or a certain step in the process, for example the exact duration of the tempering. It is always an exciting few days in our lab to try and create what you have in mind. It is also possible to book rental equipment that you can put into your own line in the factory, and perform tests on location.


Our in-house innovation lab is ready for you

Either way we are happy to discuss the possibilities and specifications with you; please feel free to contact us by phone (+31.320.281213) or via the contact sheet.

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