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Tanis Food Tec is supplier of wafer manufacturing equipment. A wafer is a modest supporter: being neutral in taste it gives the spotlight to its more flavoursome fillings like caramel, marshmallow or chocolate, thick flavoured creams or fat-free fruit fillings. Adventurous or traditional combinations of these add even more options. Then choose between enrobing or coating, or leaving the wafer product plain. And what shape works best for your brand: a flat shape can be sandwiched, but you might prefer a single bar, a ball or a biscuit? The wafer is a base material that really lends itself to being turned into your own brand product. From budget-friendly commodity type to decadent treat. We help you by building a custom fillings production line, completely according to your specific requests and the latest quality standards. If needed our team of technologists can assist you with complete recipe development and translate it into a production process.